"Hidden History of Kensington & Fishtown"

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If you're going to work in a community, it's important that you understand its history. I recently picked up a great book, Hidden History of Kensington & Fishtown by Kenneth W. Milano, and found it to be a great primer on the history of each community. 

Milano, a former columnist for the Fishtown Star, is a "lifelong resident of Kensington, passionate historian, professional genealogist and prolific writer." The depth and breadth of his research is evident throughout his work. The chapter on "Kensington's Speakeasy Wars" was particularly interesting (pg. 101). For example, I never knew the origin of the prohibition-era term "speakeasy." According to Milano, "...[S]peakeasy is said to come from the patron's manner of 'ordering alcohol without raising suspicion -- a bartender would tell a patron to be quiet and speak easy.'" (pg. 102) 

This is just one of many gems found in the book. If anyone knows of a local bookstore where you can purchase this book, let me know. Otherwise, you can find a link to purchase the book online here.